Opening Address: Giorgia Meloni

Secretary of Fretelli d'Italia Thank you, thank you, thank you. [1] I’ve just arrived—I was doing the ironing. Then I found ten minutes to come and talk about politics with you. And really, this great attendance, in spite of all the controversy, is the best response you could have given to the protestors. Thank you to everyone for their work. Thank you Brian Brown, Jacopo Coghe, Toni Brandi, and Massimo Goldolfini. Thank you to everyone who allowed this event to take place. Thank you for not giving in. Thank you for the courage. Thank you for the determination, not just today but for many years. Your work, along with the work of many other associations, has helped to keep alive certain issues that were destined to be removed from politics—you have kept them alive, active, and present. They said we want to go back to the past. That we’re losers, embarrassing, unenlightened. They said it’s scandalous for people to defend the natural family founded on marriage, to want to increase the birth rate, to want to place the correct value on human life, to support freedom in education and to say no to gender ideology. I think the ones who want to go back to the past are those trying to bring back censorship by trying to stop an event like this from taking place. I think it is unenlightened when a state that is usually willing to sponsor any old thing, even exhibitions featuring a crucifix immersed in a beaker of urine, is ashamed to sponsor an event like this. I say the losers are those with nothing better to do than come here and insult us while we talk about what we can do for the the Italian family. But above all I say the embarrassing ones are not us. The embarrassing ones are those who support practices like surrogacy, abortion at nine months, and blocking the development of children with drugs at eleven years of age. That is embarrassing. They said all sorts of things about this Congress. That we want to limit the freedom of women. That we want
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