An Effective Tool for Contemporary Problems: Forming Our Children for Married Happiness

As has been so tellingly documented in The Natural Family, marriage, married happiness, large families, and the culture of the natural family have been under successful attack for 70 years. In three generations the effects of this relentless destruction of a family culture founded on Judeo-Christian principles have become obvious to all. This is not to say that immorality, hedonism, and the excesses of the French Revolution were not ever-present in the margins of society, but they had not taken over Western culture as they seem to have done now. Giant steps have been taken—and unfortunately tolerated—by Western society since World War II, and have inexorably brought down the social and moral norms which had stood as the standard in the civilized world for nearly two millennia. These seismic shifts have been accomplished through young people and through the deformation of facts regarding life, family, and happiness. These steps are not exhausted, but more are to come, and they will bring down the civilization in which we live if not arrested and put into reverse. And yet, there are reasons for hope that this destruction can in fact be arrested, and that a reverse is altogether possible. Disintegration of the Culture of Marriage The first major damage to marriage and the family was perpetrated by those who instigated and financed Alfred Kinsey to publish his bogus conclusions of a criminally executed study concerning The Sexual Behavior of the Human Male, in 1948.1 This was followed by the equally disgusting The Sexual Behavior of the Human Female, in 1955.2 Both were marketed as “best sellers,” and were indeed read by enormous numbers of people. The shocking and degrading contents of these books have been suc­cessfully shown by Dr. Judith Reisman to be the product of a deranged and cruel man. Her initial study, called Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, the Indoctrination of a People,3 followed by Crimes and Consequences, and Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence
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