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Giovanna Rossi

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Giovanna Rossi is a Full Professor of Family Sociology, Faculty of Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan, and a regular researcher and teacher at the Center of Studies and Research on Family in the university’s Sociology Department. She graduated from the same university in philosophy, specializing in sociology, in 1962.

Professor Rossi has been a scientific committee member of the Social Politics section of the Italian Sociology Association (AIS) since 1984, and editor of Studi di Sociologia (Studies in Sociology) and of Sociologia e Politiche Sociali (Sociology and Social Politics).  She is also director, with Eugenia Acabini, of Studi Interdisciplinari Sulla Famiglia (Interdisciplinary Studies on Family) and of Politiche Sociali e Servizi (Social Policy and Services). She is a member of the national presidential committee for bioethics and a member of the Center of Bioethics at the Catholic University of Milan.

Her fields of interest are: social and cultural transformations in the family; authority in the family; relationships between family interaction and social dynamics; changes in female roles in relation to changing family values; socialization and sub-cultures if infants; multi-method approaches to family studies; voluntary service; generational changes in family values in middle-aged adults and the elderly; and problems of loyalty and choice in families.

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