• Constitutional Failure - The Judicial Assault on the Family in America

    The American founders gave special attention to the family institution.

  • The Fight for the Family

    ... as a Constitutional Issue in the Countries of Eastern Europe

  • Protection of the Family

    Family Values in Russian Constitutional Law

  • A Family-Rights Based Constitution

    The three political theories of the Modern—Liberalism (in its broadest sense), Marxism, and Nazism—have led humanity to the condition of its current post-modernistic crisis.


Constitutional Failure: The Judicial Assault on the Family in America

Visiting America in the 1830’s, the German traveller Francis J. Grund found a land characterized by “early marriage,” “the sanctity of the marriage vow,” “rapid increase of population,” and “domestic happiness.” Indeed, he saw “the domestic virtue of the Americans as the principle source of all their other qualities,” including democratic governance.

Allan C. Carlson

The Fight for the Family as a Constitutional Issue in the Countries of Eastern Europe

At the end of the 1950s, the prematurely deceased Serbian poet Branko Miljković wrote the famous verses in which he asked himself “Will freedom itself sing as slaves have sung of it?”

Miša Đurković

Protection of the Family and Family Values in Russian Constitutional Law

When in October 2015 the World Congress of Families adopted its World Family Declaration, it did so remind us of the fact that “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State,” as proclaimed in Article 16(3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is a truth echoed in many of the world’s national constitutions.

Pavel A. Parfentiev

A Family-Rights Based Constitution

Preamble: The three political theories of the Modern—Liberalism (in its broadest sense), Marxism, and Nazism—have led humanity to the condition of its current postmodernistic crisis...

Levan Vasadze

Brian S. Brown

Publisher and Editor-at-large

    Nicole M. King

    Managing Editor


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