Opening Address: Louis de Bourbon

Monseigneur le Prince Louis de Bourbon, duc d'Anjou Your Excellency, Mr. President of the Republic of Moldova,  Your Holiness, Eminence, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends, First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on the subject of the family at the opening of this international symposium. This subject is important to me and to my wife. Indeed, in our Western societies, we live in a crucial moment regarding the role and place given to the family institution, faced with many assaults. By taking stock of the situation and calling for the necessary renewal, this international congress, under the chairmanship of the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, and under the patronage of Patriarch Kirill and of Cardinal Parolin, will mark a milestone. You need to know how to resist the attacks that the traditional family is facing. These ways are numerous: raising a large family, praying, leading political action, social or legal means, and always paying attention and being constantly vigilant. It is no exaggeration to say that families in many countries must assert themselves by resisting the many insidious measures that seek to weaken them. Conferences like this contribute to this spirit of resistance by facilitating exchanges and sharing knowledge. Together, it is easier to discern the stakes and the risks and to think of ways to remedy this situation which, if it were to continue, would lead to  the ruin of society, even to that of civilization. The question of the defense of the family is extremely serious as it touches the essential. The family, through natural transmission from generation to generation, is intrinsically linked to life, and attacking it leads to deadly attitudes. One cannot go without the other, even if, nowadays, some would like to lead us astray in other ways such as the theory of “gender” or unnatural practices such as surrogacy, which in French is often reduced to the initials, GPA, for the French phra
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