Opening Address: Igor Dodon

President of the Republic of Moldova From September 14-16, 2018, participants in World Congress of Families XII gathered in the beautiful and culturally rich Republic of Moldova to discuss both the victories of and challenges facing the pro-family movement around the world. The following three addresses were delivered at the plenary session of WCF XII. Dear participants of the World Congress of Families!  On behalf of the Republic of Moldova, on the part of my fellow citizens, I am happy to welcome this authoritative international forum held in support of the family and organized in the capital of our country for the first time. The World Congress of Families is one of the most representative international associations protecting traditional family values shared and supported by hundreds of organizations, dozens of thousands of activists, and millions of supporters worldwide. In recent years, the World Congress of Families has been held in many cities around the world: Prague, Geneva, Mexico, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Madrid, Sydney, Salt Lake City, and Tbilisi. This year, Chisinau has picked up the torch of hosting the Congress. Today, the delegates from dozens of states, the representatives of Christian denominations and other confessions who have arrived in Chisinau to say their word on one of the most topical issues in the modern world, are in this hall. Dear friends!  For all of us, the family is the most important social institution. It is the family that shapes the human personality. The family is where the spiritual, cultural, and social experience of previous generations is shared. Christians refer to the family as a “small church.” This is correct, because in the family, a person learns the initial concepts of good and evil, the people around him, and the reason of coming to this world—the purpose of life. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the institution of the family is more subject to erosion and destruction than
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