Your Tuition Dollars at Work

How Colleges Promote A Perverse Sexual Ideology Are American Colleges and Universities training up a new generation in a perverse sexual ideology?  Increasingly, the answer is yes. Last year on, I reported that the University of Oregon Health Center has created a new “health” app for students’ smartphones.[1]  The new app is not a high-tech calorie counter, pedometer, or fitness tool.  Dubbed “SexPositive,” the new app communicates lots of information about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and safe sex precautions.[2] But that’s not all it does. The new app delivers not only “information” but also a particularly warped sexual ideology parading under the “sex-positive” banner.  Proponents of the sex-positive approach throw traditional morality out the window, “eliminate shame,” and embrace sexuality as an experience that offers “the possibility for pleasure, intimacy, joy, and self-discovery, either with another person or by yourself.”[3]  To the adolescent mind, it sounds wonderful—the grown-up equivalent of eating chocolate cake all day and never getting sick or gaining a pound. The app operates under the guise of offering “judgment-free,” “sex-positive” information about “sexual health.” The University of Oregon Health Center asserts that its purpose is to counter the fears, secrecy, misinformation, judgment, and general negativity that currently surround sexuality.  It emphasizes medically accurate sex education and safer sex.  It makes no moral judgments about what forms sexuality does or does not take.  Sex positivity refers to a way of thinking that embraces and promotes all forms of sexuality and consensual sexual experience, placing these values on equal footing with the choice not to engage in sexual activity.[4] What the app actually introduces, however, is a virtual roulette wheel of sexual behavior, much of which, in any moral society,
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