The Role of Religion in Lasting Love

February 12, 2019The Topic: The Role of Religion in Lasting LoveThe News Story: Want a Happy and Successful Marriage?The New Research: Growing Old, Going to Church, Avoiding Divorce With Valentine’s Day here this week, the media has taken to speculating on that all-important question: In this age of easy divorce, what makes for a lasting marriage? One writer over at Inc. takes a stab at answering that question. Ten years into his second marriage, he offers that “there’s no pill or secret formula for a great marriage. It just takes a lot of work.” Nonetheless, a few things have been proven to help, contributing to a “growth mindset—a commitment to personal development that will be mutually beneficial in the relationship.” Among his tips are some obvious pointers: “practice gratitude,” “more physical touch,” “put your phone away,” and “get enough sleep.”  One thing not on his list, or many others out there right now? Go to church!  (Source: Marcel Schwantes, “Want a Happy and Successful Marriage? Couples Should Be Doing These 8 Things Often, Says Science,” Inc., February 12, 2019.) The New Research: Growing Old, Going to Church, Avoiding Divorce As the overall divorce rate in the U.S. has somewhat leveled or even declined in recent years, that rate for one particular group of Americans—the middle-aged and older—has continued to climb. Indeed, the authors of a new study on the impact of religious service attendance on divorce and remarriage remark that this particular divorce rate has actually doubled from 1990-2010. Given that most Americans profess some kind of religious faith, and that religious faith oftentimes has a strengthening impact on marriage, the authors—who hail from Boston and Harvard Universities—seek to assess how church attendance might impact rates of divorce and remarriage for Americans in mid to late life. The researchers open by explaining why their study is particularly usefu
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