Tbilisi Declaration – 2016

From May 15-18, 2016, pro-family leaders from around the globe met in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the World Congress of Families X. At every meeting of the World Congress, a Declaration is delivered at the closing session. Below is the Tbilisi Declaration, which was adopted by acclamation at the closing session of WCF X. The four short essays following it have been adapted from talks originally delivered at that Conference.  

We delegates to the World Congress of Families X have gathered in the ancient and honorable land of Georgia, in the venerable and beautiful city of Tbilisi, at a time of great historic import. During the last several decades, a titanic global contest over the nature of society and the fate of children has been taking form. It has now come to a head.

On the one side are gathered forces combining revolution with retrogression, novelty with depravity, and cries of liberation with a new slavery. This movement elevates sexual desire and atomistic individualism to the highest of human values. It denies any natural order to human life. And it degrades children into nuisances or tools to serve adult ends.

On the other side are those who defend the natural family. We affirm the wisdom embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society, entitled to protection by society and the state.” We hold that human beings are by nature social, conjugal, and procreative. We see in the Creation a divine moral order that seeks to protect and nurture children.

In this context, it is distressing to find many Western nations, transnational bodies such as the European Union, and large corporations joining the cause of the sexual revolution. Yet it is hopeful to see the young nations of Africa and Asia and many of the lands recently freed from the yoke of Communism rallying behind the natural family.

Today, the Republic of Georgia is a pivot point in the great contest over the human future. Accordingly, we delegates to this Congress affirm the following truths:

  • Human sexuality exists to bond men and women together in love and cooperation in the begetting and rearing of children.
  • Marriage is a social institution ordained of God, designed to protect the procreative couple and their children.
  • Wise public policy seeks to maximize the number of children born into stable, married-couple homes. Men and women are equal in dignity and rights, yet complementary within marriage and childrearing, a distinction that governments must respect.
  • The home is the first polity, the primary source of sovereignty, and also the first economy, where private property serves to protect liberty.

Relative to events in the year 2016, such truths point to specific propositions:

  • Governments and transnational entities should end efforts that re­define marriage, returning to the conventional and natural understanding of one man in a voluntary union with one woman for life.
  • Governments and transnational entities should cease all propa­ganda in favor of “gender theory” and “sexual orientation,” which have no basis in biological reality.
  • To counter the perils of sub-replacement fertility, tax and other public policies should favor the married couple, child-rich home.
  • Governments should acknowledge and respect the role of parents in determining their children’s education, guarding childhood innocence, and raising the next generation with the ability to differentiate between vice and virtue and to follow the path of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth.
  • Governments and international bodies should abolish the practice of surrogacy, which reduces a woman’s biological function to a business transaction and treats children as commercial products, subject to quality control.