Holding the Elites Accountable

The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along Jennifer Roback MorseTAN Books, 2018; 420 pages, $27.95 How did the world go crazy, so quickly? How did America transform seemingly overnight from a country with an impressively strong marriage and family culture and a robust fertility rate to a nation wherein marriage continues on its steep decline, family forms are considered fluid and changeable, and fertility has tumbled to record lows? The advocates of the sexual revolution would have us believe that changes in attitudes towards sex, marriage, childbearing, and the relationship between all three were simply a “natural progression.” That is, these changes just happened—they were part of man’s development into a higher being, one with a more fluid notion of morality and what constitutes healthy behavior. In contrast, Dr. Jennifer Morse, Founder of the Ruth Institute and a Ph.D. in economics, contends that this “march of history” narrative is false. The sexual revolution did not “just happen.” Rather, this revolution was deliberately created by American elites—and then enforced, sustained, and upheld by the state.  To bring about this revolution, the elite class—between whom and the “ordinary American” there is an ever-widening gulf in wealth, education, and moral beliefs—has had to actively promote three “ideologies,” all of which are false: the Contraceptive Ideology, the Divorce Ideology, and the Gender Ideology. The Contraceptive Ideology holds that sex does not make babies: Science has solved that problem. The Divorce Ideology teaches that marriage does not need to be permanent, and that no harm ensues when two consenting adults (or even just one) decide to end a marriage to pursue greater happiness and fulfillment elsewhere. The children, these proponents say, are resilient, and they will be just fine. The Gender Ideology—most recent and in some ways most radical
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