Growing Acceptance of a Dangerous Addiction

June 12, 2018The Topic: Growing Acceptance of a Dangerous AddictionThe News Story: More Americans Say Pornography is Morally AcceptableThe New Research: Internet Pornography—Akin to Cocaine The News Story: More Americans Say Pornography is Morally Acceptable A recent Gallup poll reveals that a whopping 43% of Americans now believe that pornography is “morally acceptable,” up from 36% last year and the highest number recorded since Gallup began asking the question in 2011. Gallup reports that since 2011, “notable shifts” have occurred in public opinion toward such polarizing topics as assisted suicide, homosexual relationships, and sex and childbirth outside of marriage. To break down the data further, more men than women find pornography to be acceptable, and more unmarried than married. Religion also plays a key role—those who describe religion as being “very important” to them are far less likely to find porn morally acceptable. In closing, Gallup remarks, “Across a number of issues related to sexuality and sex, Americans have—at either a gradual or a quick rate—been adopting a more permissive viewpoint.” What this story doesn’t comment on is the moral, emotional, and other damage that acceptance of such behaviors can cause. (Source: Andrew Dugan, “More Americans Say Pornography Is Morally Acceptable,”Gallup, June 5, 2018) The New Research: Internet Pornography—Akin to Cocaine The progressives who brought the world the sexual revolution assure one and all that that Internet pornography poses no threat to social or personal well-being; indeed, they argue that Internet pornography deserves the same legal protections afforded expressions of political opinion. But the progressive view on pornography appears ever less credible as evidence accrues showing that addiction to Internet pornography looks very like addiction to cocaine and carries consequences that may prove just as harmful for individuals and families
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