Gender Ideology and Education

I have been asked to speak to you today about gender ideology in education. This has been a well-laid plan of Marxist philosophy, which is basically diabolical,  contradicting as it does all those things which allow mankind to thrive: family, property, freedom, self-sufficiency, the fulfillment of each one’s talents and potential. The Marxists want control of each individual. And these intellectual Marxists managed to infiltrate important departments of the UN and are actively pursuing world government. As argued forcefully in many places by Antonio Gramsci, one of their own, an Italian of the 1930’s: Communism will not be able to be imposed until Faith is destroyed, and Faith can only be uprooted if we dismantle the Family. As other means of imposing Communism have in the end been rejected, the path laid out by Antonio Gramsci has been followed intelligently and successfully so far. First came the destruction of marriage through divorce and contraception, then the undoing of the sacred bond of motherhood through abortion and state control over parental actions. The legal theory of patria potestas—each father as the head of his household—has been successfully neutralized by the UN in recent documents. Parents are now to be overseen by the state. Then came gender ideology, in which the idea of a “couple” became so fluid that any two people who live together may adopt children. This will not stop at the number two; we will see, very soon, the legal recognition of three- or five-person “relationships.” In all of this, children have become a “right” and a product to be acquired. The promotion of gender ideology is a key step, as it targets the basic character of the individual, those traits which identify every cell in his or her body and brain. The dismantlement of whole populations, of faith and culture, has been begun with this terminolgoy; this dismentlement will only take a generation or two to be complete. How has this all been
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