Gender Ideology and Education

I have been asked to speak to you today about gender ideology in education. This has been a well-laid plan of Marxist philosophy, which is basically diabolical,  contradicting as it does all those things which allow mankind to thrive: family, property, freedom, self-sufficiency, the fulfillment of each one’s talents and potential. The Marxists want control of each individual. And these intellectual Marxists managed to infiltrate important departments of the UN and are actively pursuing world government. As argued forcefully in many places by Antonio Gramsci, one of their own, an Italian of the 1930’s: Communism will not be able to be imposed until Faith is destroyed, and Faith can only be uprooted if we dismantle the Family.

As other means of imposing Communism have in the end been rejected, the path laid out by Antonio Gramsci has been followed intelligently and successfully so far. First came the destruction of marriage through divorce and contraception, then the undoing of the sacred bond of motherhood through abortion and state control over parental actions. The legal theory of patria potestas—each father as the head of his household—has been successfully neutralized by the UN in recent documents. Parents are now to be overseen by the state.

Then came gender ideology, in which the idea of a “couple” became so fluid that any two people who live together may adopt children. This will not stop at the number two; we will see, very soon, the legal recognition of three- or five-person “relationships.” In all of this, children have become a “right” and a product to be acquired.

The promotion of gender ideology is a key step, as it targets the basic character of the individual, those traits which identify every cell in his or her body and brain. The dismantlement of whole populations, of faith and culture, has been begun with this terminolgoy; this dismentlement will only take a generation or two to be complete.

How has this all been achieved, being as it is contrary to the interests of billions of people?

The term gender was designed and prepared with care and was unveiled to the feminists who met for the Preparatory Conference in Mar de Plata the year before the Beijing Conference on Women, which was held in 1995. It was then inserted into the entire UN plan of action, attached to every action and every right, in spite of huge efforts against it by the Holy See, the countries of Central America, some of the Arab countries, Malta, and others.

The manipulations performed at the UN to coerce the passage of language they wish to impose is quite incredible if you have not observed it firsthand. I will give a couple of examples from my own experience just to give you an idea.

Susanne Rans, representing Bolivia, and José Donayre, representing Peru, were the main instruments for inserting language of abortion into the Plan of Action of the Cairo document on Population and Development. We were able to unmask Ms. Rans as a fraud when we discovered that Bolivia had not sent her; she had attained her badge from friends on the Podium. José Donayre was fired within 24 hours when we reported his actions to the Senate of Peru. He was obviously in cahoots with the Podium as well. Other manipulations included stalling discussions until it was necessary to go late into the night, and even dawn, when there was no translator available and most delegates had retired from exhaustion.

Martha Casco, the delegate from Honduras, was closeted and browbeaten by Timothy Wirth, the head of the U.S. Delegation, for insisting on “bracketing” the word gender until a satisfactory definition was agreed upon.

Finally, 61 countries took reservations to the Plan of Action of Beijing because of the mysterious word gender—almost one third of the countries in attendance showed their dissatisfaction. However, the UN steamrolled them all, in spite of the fact that UN negotiations are supposed to be decided by “consensus” or agreement on all wording.

The goal of the UN has become obvious: it is the destruction of all the structures of our Judeo-Christian culture. Genesis is to be dismantled: “Man and Woman He created them”; “Be fruitful and multiply”; “Care for and submit the earth.” All of these are to be done away with.

The adoption of gender ideology has already led to several serious and radical consequences. One of these is transgenderism, supported in the U.S. to the extent that a man on death row has been granted surgery to change his sex at the people’s expense.[1] Public school bathrooms can no longer be  separate, and Obama has threatened to cut funding from states who do not comply. (Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick has instructed Texas school administrators to ignore the President’s mandate.[2]) Just last week in New York City, my granddaughter of 15, in the ladies’ locker-room of the place where she swims, was confronted by an enormous fully-grown man, totally nude. Complaints were met with “well the law now is that in New York people can use the bathrooms they feel more comfortable in.” In all of these cases, logical thinking has been replaced by personal preference—unless of course your personal preference is to object being exposed to others’ preferences.

Some of the liberties lost to the retreat from reality include the illegality of teaching natural marriage, the banning of separate bathrooms, and the legal prohibition of treating those who have “gender confusion,” even if they seek such treatment. The imposition of this new gender ideology is very similar to what almost happened with the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States in the 1970s. Fortunately, the American formula for amending the Constitution is so time-consuming that the public came to understand in time the changes that would accrue, and the ERA lost increasing numbers of adherents until it died completely. Its authors have now found a more direct method of pushing their ideology, with the language of “gender rights.” Note that it was important that the definition remain vague, so that it might cover any number of these then-unimaginable consequences.

It is evident that we must teach, once again, the reasoned thinking that made our civilization great, the importance of cause and effect and how to live for significance. Over the last 30 years that these problems began to appear in my own Latin America, starting with sex education and the attempt to impose abortion—while we saw euthanasia moving into the “advanced” countries, the abuses of organ-gathering, unnatural conception, and finally the commercialization of babies—our response was in education. We collected, internationally, the best minds in education, anthropology, brain development, child psychology, and story-telling, and have created a program for the schools. It starts in first grade, for five- and six-year olds, and has a book for each level until age 18. These books show, through the story of a group of boys and girls growing up, how to understand, reason, face, and respond to the complicated situations they encounter as children, as adolescents, and as young adults who must know what they want in life, how to hold their own, negotiate, and take decisions.

This program is called Alive to the World (in English)[3], Aprendiendo a Querer in Spanish, and is now being printed in eight countries and in seven languages, including Korean and Polish. It is in all countries of Latin America. We are intent on raising a new generation, one that develops and leads with a real understanding of the advantages of virtue. The confusion of the twentieth century must be abandoned, and a return to right reasoning championed.

My deep feelings for the Republic of Georgia and its heroic people. I pray that you can ward off the poison coming from the West and unite with those who are resisting, by teaching the truth about the human person.

Christine de Marcellus Vollmer is Founder and President of the Latin American Alliance for the Family..

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