A Family-Rights Based Constitution

Note: Western conservative thinkers, to whom Eastern Christianity and its legacy are largely an unknown world, naturally think of their own flank as non-liberal. Eastern conservatives, who often know much more about the West than vice versa, often view Western conservatives as rare, nearly heroic dissidents and exceptions from an overall liberal Western cultural code. By that Eastern worldview, even most conservative Western thought is included inside the Western liberal realm, as it never disputes the vices of individualism, mercantilism, and the myth of progress, taboos of the Modern, alien to the East. If the essence of the Western digression is vilifying the past and glorifying the future, the Eastern view is the mirror image of it and in its digressive condition glorifies the past and vilifies the future. All of this boils down to an overall denial of the End of the World and the arrival of Antichrist in the Western psyche, and an intense culture of its expectation and sense of its inevitability in the Eastern one. This article is written from the Eastern Christian point of view and may come as a surprise to interested Western readers, who tend to operate with completely different clichés and norms of political correctness. Preamble: The three political theories of the Modern—Liberalism (in its broadest sense), Marxism, and Nazism—have led humanity to the condition of its current postmodernistic crisis, which was predicted by many, including thinkers of the previous century such as Rene Guenon 1, Julius Evola, Oswald Spengler2, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Lev Tikhomirov3, Martin Heidegger, and others. The multi-faceted arrival of this crisis—which took its final shape in the 20th century and has manifested itself in a wide cross-border stagnation in culture, art, cinema, theater, literature, sculpture, architecture, demography, economy, and family—has resulted in an overall ideological depression and the deserting of the planet. The desacralizing and secularization of humanity, which originated through these three political theories of the West, and which has imposed itself upon the rest of the world through “technological progress,” two World Wars, and the Cold war, have led mankind to its current ideological dead-end. All three political theories were based on their respective artificial, philosophical-sociological subjects: Liberalism—on Rene Descartes’s Individum (Latin for “undividable”, or atomos in Greek)Marxism—on Karl Marx’s ClassNazism—on the concept of the Nation, based on The Treaty of Westphalia, and substantiated by the equally artificial concept of Race based on the Theory of 5 Races of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach and several other European (mainly German) anthropologists of the 17th and 18th centuries. The sequence of the birth and the demise of the three political theories in practical politics occurred in a reverse symmetrical manner: Entry: 1. Liberalism, 2. Marxism, 3. Nazism
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